Two Poems by Michael Koh

there’s this place on a coast and people like to hang out by the buildings

sit by gulf of aegina
empty martini glass
see flares brazen
fleeting etch diomidous
a setting sun

faint wisps burnt
ashen citrus tang
mingling with the
salty ocean breeze

huddled cries of man
drift with the sand –
gentle misnomers
constructed free from

to claim it was a fabrication means you don’t acknowledge life

we are all complicit
don hats of apathy
master nothing worthwhile

over 300,000 dead in 6 weeks and
no one bats an eye
we drink lipton iced tea to this day
and remain oblivious of deaths that portend more impending death

causality drives our intentions
but that is not true

failure and desire
rule our social interactions
but that is not true

rejection and terror
run it awry

dying because of curiosity
at risk of finding it

steamboats plunge into icy waves
steel shots slugged inside
bodies sink when weighted

thousands litter the shore
brazen fires light the mountaintops
holes are plugged and there is just one way out

innocence ruined before your eyes
murals painted on ground
towers decay and attract scavengers
not a soul blinked to see half a million disappear

buried in anonymity

small donations of generosity
are never left forgotten
but to filter out evil
all is bleak

she killed herself by a cornfield

aren’t we all a little bit dead

Profile: Michael Koh

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