Two Poems by Patrick Riedy

if i get a smaller bed we would be closer

night smiles seem so bright
drive toward the reality of dream
roll down windows
allow the breeze
to blow your whisper kisses away
towards the sun

for you
i can forget tuesday girls and turpentine
instead feel what is real
how rust covers steel
and trains shake the steering wheel

for the illusive

she was
average height
the kind of girl
that seemed
to prefer
cowboy boots
and cheetah print
manicure sets

we met briefly
spoke somewhat
about invested interests
and commonalities

i lied to myself
called it hope
she never replied
there is an uplift
of laughter
pushing back
thoughts of grandeur

these are the types of poems
and songs i would listen to
if i missed you
but fortunately
for me
you and i will never be
don’t you agree
avoiding truth
makes everything
so easy

Profile: Patrick Riedy

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