“in my dream about los angeles” by Letson Williams

in los angeles
the bright sun finds arms
and legs
but not eyes
there is no squinting
in los angeles

my hat is straw
white straw with a navy band
it is easy to spot
on someone so tall
an angeleno in a seersucker suit
with white shoes
nineteen fifty two

back from my korean vacation
where i killed
with guns and sometimes knives
i loved their wives
in the name of democracy
and beach front motel property
in florida
which is where i used to be from
before korea
grew taller
and moved
to los angeles

and my sweet southern drawl
my two and a half syllables to say ‘y’all’
hero to one
hero to all
never to fail
never to fall

you stare at me now
the way
i used to stare at you
in that northern florida panhandle
dirt farmer sun
before you went back
to wales
and i went back
to jail
where they had me sign up
for the korean vacation
to grow taller
and end up
with you
euro pale white turned
tan brown
pretty hair hanging down
staring straight back at me

in my dream
i am taller
and you are more attentive

Profile: Letson Williams

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